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Our Secret Sauce

Well like it say's, it is a secret, but it's worth sharing that we work hard at being as efficient as possible with limited resources. Labor is tight in Oregon, we are competing with new market segments for labor that the Nursery Industry has never had to compete with before. Wages are rising and we find ourselves just outside the urban growth boundary and a lot of other jobs available for the market to choose from much closer to home.

We have used Lean for many years, and we now build upon that foundation with continuous improvement activities to solve problems, introducing automation and get the most out of our limited labor resources. We have a Continuous Improvement team who meets weekly and resources dedicated to innovating how we do things. These activities are what keep our prices low and competitive which helps your bottom line.

Most importantly our employees are dedicated and we take care of them, the majority of them have been with the company for 7 years or more, they are that dash of something special, which can't be replicated, in our secret sauce.

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