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Pi Day

Happy Pi Day 3-14-2018

Well it's Pi day, you know 3-14 or in case you don't remember Pi represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, but maybe that's too much greek. Some may think it's the foundation of mathematics, but we think it's a great excuse to have PIE and fun. We use math a lot around here, well in just about everything we do, from crop planning to truck loading. So we are happy to Celebrate this delicious ode to math via Pie. The Sales team here is incredibly competitive here, they don't need much of an excuse to throw down, and it never matters what the prize is, as long as they can "win".

Brittany brought in a Cream Pie with a fruit medley topping

Robin brought in a Cherry Pie (ala Costco)

Josh likes to impress with this Snickerdoodle Apple Pie, this thing actually is an apple pie with a giant snickerdoodle in it - to die for!

Cori cheated with this Marionberry (native to Oregon and not to be confused with the Mayor of DC) pie. We know she didn't make it, but it was baked in her oven if that can count.

Mary brings in this Chocolate with Banana Cream, a solid chocolate infusion.

Mary also brings in the solid Pi themed Sour Cream Lemon Pie, delicious, smooth, lemony blissful, yummm. (that's 2 for her - she's the most dedicated it looks like - both from scratch)

Joe was up early baking this Apple Pie beauty, I hear the back seat of his truck is a little sticky today as well, but smells really good. But let's not lose track of our Availability list, it's below and also available at our website Call your Rep today to ask them for any specials or get that order going, we're shipping now. In the meantime, we're eating pie today, we'll keep you posted on who wins the best pie!

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