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Gold Family Farms is a 3rd generation family owned and operated business.  We grow on over 400 acres located in Hillsboro, Oregon.  Our 55+ years of experience, coupled with our automated production system has paved the way for us to offer our customers quality plants at an amazing price.  Our business has been built on solid relationships and our employees are the heart and soul of our company.  We sell exclusively to independently owned Garden Centers, Landscapers, and Re-Wholesalers throughout the US and Canada.  Don't hesitate to contact one of our sales reps (located on the "Contact" page) to see how we can help increase your company's bottom line.  

-Steve & Joe Gold


Steve Gold

President / CFO

Alma Mater: Brigham Young University

Favorite Plant: Cotinus c. 'Royal Purple'

Favorite Thing to do in Hillsboro: The Saturday / Tuesday Market


Joe Gold

President / COO

Alma Mater: Brigham Young University- Idaho

Favorite Plant: Daphne x. Burkwoodii 'Carol Mackie'

Favorite Thing to do in Hillsboro: Running along the country roads

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Forest Grove Farm

In 1965, a small family from Utah made its way to Oregon. Drawn to the Pacific Northwest by its temperate climate, fertile soil, and booming business, Leslie Gold, his wife, and their three children- Paul, Gene, and Floris “Sally” established a Plant Nursery in Forest Grove. While preparing the land for nursery stock, Paul Gold was killed in a tractor accident that left the whole family in mourning. After only 3 years in the industry, the family decided to move their nursery to a new property near Hillsboro. Hours upon hours of work was put into renovating the buildings, fixing up the barn, and acclimating the farmland to house nursery stock, but it paid off in the end. Nearly 60 years, three new expanded properties, and several children and grandchildren later, Gold Family Farms has grown into a successful company whose name is known countrywide. Gold Family Farms is a manifestation of what can be accomplished through hard work, a love for people, and a devotion to family.

A Brief History

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